Creative Halloween Celebrations

This Halloween season, the possibilities are endless, so you can celebrate the season in a way that works for you and your family. Here are some ideas for how to make the most out of the Halloween season!

Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Want a different spin on trick-or-treating? Drop off treats on your neighbors’ doorsteps instead of collecting treats from them to share the Halloween spirit.

Just Take One

Planning to be away from home when trick-or-treaters stop by? Put out a bowl of candy and encourage one or two pieces each. After all, no one wants to get caught on the doorbell camera taking more than one!

Halloween Countdown

Extend your celebration the entire month of October with a countdown calendar (similar to an advent calendar). Make each day a surprise – stream a favorite Halloween movie, enjoy a small treat, decorate the door to your apartment or house, deliver treats to a neighbor, eat dinner in your Halloween costumes, etc. The ideas are endless.   

Make Your Own Costume

Express your creativity by making your own costume from things around the house. Increase the fun by turning it into a Halloween costume competition or pageant with the other people in your house, with friends and family on a video conference – or even host a neighborhood parade!

Pack It Up

Make variety treat bags for safe and easy pickup during trick-or-treating. These can be placed in a bowl, strung from festive lights or attached to the tree in the yard.

Get Crafty!

Baking, crafting and decorating are all activities that lend themselves to parents teaching their children about balance and mindful treating. And if you’re looking for an audience, you can showcase Halloween craft projects made with candy on front porches throughout the neighborhood.

Pick Up Your Favorite Treats

Treating yourself is just as important as treating others during the Halloween season. Why not pick up some of your favorites to celebrate the tradition?

Leave Your Neighbors A Spooky Surprise

Drop treats on your neighbor’s doorstep, then ring the doorbell and run away. Don’t forget to include a note letting your neighbor know it’s from you!