Easter is a sweet celebration that combines religious observation with secular traditions. Whether you like to line your baskets with jelly beans, chocolate bunnies or crème eggs, treats are an iconic part of this springtime holiday.

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Sweet Easter Insights

Check out some sweet fun facts about how Americans treat at Easter.

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of Americans say they’ll share or gift confectionery treats for Easter.

An Egg-Ceptionally Sweet History

With both religious and secular traditions, there’s a sweet history to this special holiday.

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All About Jelly Beans

As one of the most popular Easter treats, jelly beans have a special place in springtime celebrations.

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Candy Storage Tips

There are special ways to store your seasonal treats to ensure that you and your family are embracing balance at Easter. Enjoy a little bit now and then treat a little bit later!

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What Are Americans’ Favorite Easter Treats?

  • 44%: Chocolate Eggs/Bunnies
  • 20%: Jelly Beans
  • 18%: Candy Coated Eggs
  • 15%: Marshmallow Candies
  • 3%: Other

Parents: Do you snag some treats from your children’s Easter baskets?