Unwrap the Sweetness of Summer


of beachgoers in the U.S. will bring candy with them.

What about road trips?


of people on the road this summer will take candy along for the ride.

How about camping?


of consumers bring their favorite treats with them into the wilderness.

June is National Candy Month – and consumers across the country can unwrap the fun during National Candy Month as the country enters its recovery and Americans can finally start getting back to what they love.

Chocolate and candy have always been a fun part of the summer months and many seasonal summer celebrations. This year, experiencing these special moments is more important than ever before. Whether you’re heading to the beach, out camping or just to your backyard, chocolate and candy can add some sweetness to your summer.

Did You Know?


of everyday multi-pack items have pieces with 200 calories or less.

All About Summer Treats

Summer is a great time to enjoy treats with friends and family. Learn more about some favorites.

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Storing Your Treats

There are special ways to store treats to ensure that the sweetness continues throughout National Candy Month.

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Tips for Summer Treating

Chocolate and candy are a fun and unique part of celebrations and traditions. Keep these tips in mind to enjoy treats while maintaining a happy, balanced lifestyle.

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Sometimes a day at the beach. Always a treat.
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Sometimes a Summer adventure. Always a treat.
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Sometimes an escape. Always a treat.
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Sometimes a summer roadtrip. Always a treat.
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