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What are they saying about Halloween 2020?

Public health experts, community leaders, editorial boards and columnists alike say that we can prioritize safety and still have Halloween fun all October long.

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Halloween is Happening!

Halloween may look and feel a little different this year as people decide how they will celebrate – whether it’s having fun from a distance, trick-or-treating, enjoying Halloween at home or something in between. Across the country, consumers are finding creative and fun ways to celebrate Halloween 2020.

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You’re not alone.


of millennial moms and young parents say that Halloween is more important than ever this year.

Halloween is full of spooky fun, but that’s no reason to be scared! NCA teamed up with the New York Times to develop some clever approaches to celebrating the season this year. With a little creativity and a dash of magic, families everywhere can transform some of their favorite fall traditions into at-home adventures and socially distanced fun.


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Different, but still fun.


of adults believe people will find creative and safe ways to enjoy Halloween this year.

Celebrate Creatively This Halloween

There’s no question that Halloween will look different this year, but innovative approaches endorsed by CDC like outdoor trick-or-treating can bring a little fun to the fall. Whether you plan to venture out or stay close to home, we have fun ideas to make Halloween 2020 a real treat for your family.

Fun from a distance

If your Halloween season will include physically distanced trick-or-treating or outdoor fun with family and friends, we have ideas to help you make sure your plans are safe this year!

Going Out?

Halloween at Home

Staying inside with your own family this year? There are still plenty of ways to make the Halloween season fun for all.

Staying In?

Five Considerations for Public Health Departments Seeking to Create a Safe & Fun Halloween

The practical steps outlined here are intended to help public health departments develop their own safety guidelines for Halloween 2020. Working together we can empower people to be safe this Halloween and at the same time still have a bit of fun during the month of October.

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Different, but still fun.


of adults believe people will find creative and safe ways to enjoy Halloween this year.

However you plan to treat this Halloween...

One thing is clear, chocolate and candy make Halloween even more fun. 80% of Americans say they can’t imagine Halloween without it!

Halloween may look a little different this year.
74% of parents say this Halloween is more important than ever.
Find inspiration for a fun, creative and safe Halloween.
Halloween is about trick-or-treating and so much more!

Ten Tricks for
Treats at Halloween

If you keep a couple of these tricks in mind, you might find that it's easy to include a moderate amount of treats in your Halloween celebration.

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Safety Tips

We've compiled the following safety tips to help make sure that you and your family make this Halloween a safe and enjoyable one.

Stay Safe

Treat Right

Learn more about how to embrace balance and make a plan during the Halloween season.

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Additional Halloween Resources

A Halloween
History Story

The origins of Halloween can be traced to harvest celebrations during pre-Christian times by Celtic groups in areas now known as Ireland, Scotland and Wales. A variety of folklore and customs became associated with the celebration.

More Halloween History

storage tips

Storing some of your treats is a great way to encourage balance and enjoy your Halloween candy well after October 31. There are some special ways to store your seasonal treats to help ensure the sweetness continues after the holiday.

Preserve Your Candy

How Do You
Eat Candy Corn?

A recent survey of Americans shows that while 65% of people believe you should eat the whole piece of candy corn at once, 29% believe in starting with the narrow, white end. Just 7% of respondents start with the wider, yellow end when enjoying a piece of candy corn.

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For Halloween 2020, the Halloween & Costume Association shared a COVID-19 risk map provided by The Harvard Global Health Institute, where people could determine their county’s risk level and find more ideas for a safe and fun fall season.

What's the right way to eat candy corn?