During this thrilling time of year, chocolate and candy play a central role in helping to make the season a howling good time. Halloween Central is your go-to resource for information about your favorite treats, along with safety tips, history lessons and interesting facts about this frightfully fun season – so dig in. Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a time to embrace tradition and celebrate creatively – and chocolate and candy can play a big role in the season. Read our 2022 press release and keep scrolling for ways to “creep” it real throughout this exciting season!


of people will celebrate the 2022 Halloween season.

Ten Tricks for
Halloween Treats

If you keep a couple of these tricks in mind, you might find that it’s easy to include a moderate amount of treats in your Halloween celebration.

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of homes will give out a mix of chocolate and candy to trick-or-treaters.

of those celebrating the Halloween season plan to do so with chocolate and candy.

Halloween Safety Tips

We’ve compiled the following safety tips to help make sure that you and your family make this Halloween a safe and enjoyable one.

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Treat Right

Learn more about how to embrace balance and make a plan during the Halloween season.

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When do consumers purchase Halloween candy?

18% September or earlier
65% Sometime in October
12% Last minute
5% It varies

Safe and Creative Celebrations

Celebrate the Halloween season this year in a way that works for you.

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Candy Storage Tips

Storing some of your treats is a great way to encourage balance and enjoy your Halloween candy well after October 31. There are some special ways to store your seasonal treats to help ensure the sweetness continues after the holiday.

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Top Halloween Treats

1st Chocolate
Candy Corn
Gummy Candy

How Do You Eat
Candy Corn?

A recent survey of Americans shows that while 51% of people believe you should eat the whole piece of candy corn at once, 33% believe in starting with the narrow, white end. Just 16% of respondents start with the wider, yellow end when enjoying a piece of candy corn.

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Halloween History

Halloween celebrations keep getting more creative, but they have a long history!

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of parents help themselves to some of their children’s Halloween haul. Do you?!