of Americans think people will find safe and creative ways to celebrate the winter holidays this year.

In this unusual year, people are looking to their favorite treats to offer a sense of normalcy during the holidays. Whether gathering with a small group of close friends and family in your “pod” or planning a smaller celebration for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, winter solstice, Eid ul-Adha or another holiday, chocolate and candy will likely play a role in your winter holidays.

From candy canes to seasonal chocolates, we often enjoy our favorite treats to help celebrate a season that is special to us. Read our 2020 press release here.

Ten Tips for a Sweet, Happy & Safe Holiday

Chocolate and candy have long been a special and fun part of winter holidays. Even when our traditional plans may have changed because we’re staying closer to home, gathering together with fewer people or not participating in our all our customary activities, these treats continue to be an integral component of holiday celebrations and family traditions. Keep these tips in mind to help your family stay safe and maintain balance while enjoying treats during the holidays. Learn more

What's the Right Way to Eat a Candy Cane?

What's the Right Way to Eat a Candy Cane?

A recent survey asked Americans how they enjoy candy canes. 58% of people say they start with the straight end, while 30% of respondents enjoy the curved end first. Just 12% of people break it into pieces before they eat this seasonal treat! Get the infographic

Safe and Sensational Seasonal Celebrations

Your traditional holiday plans may look a little different this year, but there’s no reason why you can’t find safe and creative ways to celebrate. And who knows? Maybe one of these fun new ideas will become part of your holiday traditions from now on. Find Out How

Hanukkah Treats & Traditions

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Christmas Treats & Traditions

Christmas is a time for families to celebrate special moments together while enjoying some of their favorite holiday treats. Learn more

A Candy Cane Story

Candy canes evoke a sense of nostalgia and holiday spirit across generations. But do you know the history of this iconic holiday treat? Learn more

Candy Storage Tips

Here are some easy ways to store your seasonal treats to ensure that the sweetness continues after the holiday. Learn more