What are resinous glaze and confectioner’s glaze?
Resinous glaze refers to a coating that is high-quality shellac made from a resin sourced from the lac bug, prepared specifically for food use.

Confectioner’s glaze refers to a glaze made without shellac as a component.

Why is resinous/confectioner’s glaze used?
This glaze is applied to foods to help protect the food’s surface and improve the appearance by providing a smooth, glossy finish.

Are resinous and confectioner’s glazes safe?
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) has reviewed the ingredients used in resinous and confectioner’s glazes and approved their use in foods.

What candies use resinous or confectioner’s glaze?
Glazes can be used on jelly beans, gummy products, and chocolate-covered fruits and nuts.