Sensational Seasonal Celebrations

Americans throughout the country will find safe and creative ways to celebrate the winter holidays in 2023. No matter how you celebrate, there are lots of ways to make your seasonal celebrations a real treat for the whole family.

Five Safe and Sweet Ways to Celebrate the Winter Holidays in 2023

Surprise Your Neighbors

Drop off treats on your neighbors’ doorsteps to give them a sweet surprise. Choose festive packaging like stockings or holiday bags, include a variety of small gifts and stocking stuffers and don’t forget to tuck in a few small pieces of chocolate and candy.  

Make Holiday S’mores

If you’d like to gather some people outdoors, consider this twist on a campfire favorite. Gather the usual s’mores ingredients of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate, but choose peppermint-flavored chocolates or marshmallows instead. If there are some in your group who don’t want to get their hands sticky, serve hot cocoa or coffee with chocolate-dipped candy cane stirring sticks.

Get Crafty!

Baking, crafting and decorating are all activities that lend themselves to parents teaching their children about balance and mindful treating. And if you’re looking for an audience, you can showcase your holiday craft projects made with candy on front porches throughout the neighborhood.

Throw A Gingerbread House Bake Off

Recruit some friends to join you in a gingerbread house decorating competition. Set the ground rules (does everyone have to bake their own gingerbread, or can they start with a kit?) and get to work. Post photos of the finished creations on your Facebook or Instagram page, and let your friends choose the winner (keep it fair by not revealing who made each one). You can send a small gift to the winner or just give them the honor of bragging rights for the next year.   

Pick Up Your Favorite Treats

Treating yourself is just as important as treating others during the winter holidays. Why not pick up some of your favorites to celebrate the tradition?