Christmas Traditions

History of Christmas

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and has taken place on December 25th since around 310 A.D. Though the date has changed over time, December 25th became widely accepted in the fifth century.

Traditions and Confections at Christmas

Many Christmas customs are based on the story of the birth of Christ. For example, the tradition of giving presents stems from gifts the Three Wise Men brought to the baby Jesus, and the singing of Christmas carols is reminiscent of the gathering of visitors that surrounded the baby Jesus in the manger after his birth. However, one of the most visible Christmas traditions – the Christmas tree – was not associated directly with the birth of Jesus Christ. Instead, it was brought by the Germans to the United States and has now become a widely accepted Christmas tradition.

Confections also play a role in modern-day celebrations of Christmas. One of the most popular Christmas treats is the candy cane, but people also enjoy stuffing stockings with foil-wrapped chocolates, truffles and other treats strongly associated with the season.