Halloween Safety Tips

The safety of your family and community should always be a priority during the Halloween season. As you’re enjoying the holiday, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • If you decide to go trick-or-treating, wear light-colored clothing that’s short enough to prevent tripping and add reflective tape to the sides, front and back of costume.
  • Make sure children can see well while wearing their masks and securely fasten the mask so it does not fall off.
  • Adults should accompany young children and ensure they are respecting appropriate distancing rules.
  • Go out in daylight and carry a flashlight for when it gets dark. Everyone will be celebrating differently according to their comfort level, so expect some doors may not be open to trick-or-treaters.
  • Stay within the neighborhood and only visit homes you know.
  • Watch for traffic.
  • Only give and accept wrapped or packaged candy.
  • Examine all candy before allowing children to eat it.
  • Keep costumed children away from pets, as pets might not recognize the child and become frightened.
  • Avoid hard plastic or wood props such as daggers or swords. Substitute with foam rubber, which is soft and flexible.