Whether you decide to take part in socially distanced adventures or plan to stick closer to home, there is plenty of fun to be had this Halloween. With a little creativity and a dash of magic, families everywhere can transform some of their favorite fall traditions for 2020.

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More Creative Ways to Celebrate

Fun From a Distance

If your Halloween season will include physically distanced trick-or-treating or outdoor fun with family and friends, we have ideas to help you make sure your plans are safe this year!

Halloween Tips, Tricks and Treats

Halloween is full of spooky fun, but that’s no reason to be scared! NCA teamed up with the New York Times to develop some clever approaches to celebrating the season this year. 

How Do You Eat Candy Corn?

A recent survey of Americans shows that while 65% of people believe you should eat the whole piece of candy corn at once, 29% believe in starting with the narrow, white end. Just 7% of respondents start with the wider, yellow end when enjoying a piece of candy corn. 

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